Andover Winter Storm Center: Roads Clearing but Use Caution

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Friday 2 p.m.: Roads are better now, but there is a sheet of ice underneath so don't let the lack of snow fool you. There is a wind chill warning in effect for North Andover, and we could see temperatures way below zero Friday night into Saturday morning.

Friday 11:30 a.m.: The roads are clearing, but use caution, says Andover Police Lt. William Ouellette.

Andover drivers apparently stayed home last night. Ouellette said that other than some fender benders and spin-outs, there were very few issues with the storm.

"We were telling people to stay off the roads but the roads look like they're clearing up, so just use caution," Ouellette said.

Friday 9 a.m.: Snowfall was intense overnight, as there are about two feet of new snow on the ground Friday morning. Plow trucks are out working to clear the roads, but could take them a while.

Thursday 9:30 p.m.: Andover could see 20 inches of snow from this storm before it drifts away late Friday morning.

WDHD is forecasting an isolated pocket of the region -- including North andover and surrounding communities -- that could have an abnormally high accumulation, with the snow sticking around longer than in other areas.

WBZ agrees, calling our part of the Merrimack Valley the "jackpot" of the storm.

Residents have been staying off the roads, too, Andover Police Lt. Lee Britton said Thursday night.

"It's been very quiet," he said.

Thursday 6:15 p.m.: there are reports of an an accident on 93 southbound near exit 43.

Thursday 5:30 p.m.: Schools are closed for Friday too. And more reports of road incidents all around town. And looks like we have 14 inches of snow so far. And winds have become strong and dangerous.

Thursday 4 p.m.: I went for a drive and came right back. Roads are very hazardous and there are spin-outs and fender benders scattered around.  Stay home if you can. There are reports that we have 10 inches of snow so far.

Thursday 3 p.m.: The Massachusetts Trial Court will closed courthouses statewide 3 p.m. and will delay opening on Friday until noon.

Thursday 2:45 p.m.: Gov. Patrick closing all state offices early.

Thursday 2 p.m.: We already have about 7 inches of snow. Driving conditions are hazardous now.

Thursday 10 a.m.: Snow is starting to become heavy, and roads are slippery. Use caution.

A nor'easter is making its way across New England, and it may bring up to 10 inches of snow to Andover.

It's going to be a windy one too. Wind gusts of up to 30 miles per hour are expected. Watch out for all that drifting snow.

Andover and most of the Merrimack Valley could see 8-10 inches of snow by Friday morning. WBZ has a slightly more conservative forecast of 6-10 inches.

Stay with Patch for storm updates.

Schools are closed Thursday.

Important Phone Numbers to Know:

You can also upload photos from the storm. But please be safe.


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