Internet Proves To Be Awesome As World Celebrates Andover Child’s Birthday

A mom sent a plea via Facebook asking people to make her non-verbal, Autistic son’s birthday special. And the Internet responded in a big way.

Logan and his family. Credit: Catherine Pearson, Celebrating Logan.
Logan and his family. Credit: Catherine Pearson, Celebrating Logan.

It’s been 19 days since Catherine Pearson sent an emotional plea to the Internet:

Each year on [my son Logan’s] birthday, I close my bedroom door and bury my face into my pillow and cry. You all know I am a firecracker and not at all a “down” type of person. Logan has stopped getting birthday cards, birthday parties YEARS ago. I guess everyone realizes that he doesn’t understand anyways. This year, I want to stop feeling down.

Catherine asked the kind people of the Internet to send her non-verbal Autistic son Logan birthday cards for his 12th birthday on Feb. 24.

And the response was outstanding.

Police departments were the first to respond: Cambridge and Andover quickly contacted the family.

The next day, a stack of envelopes in an elastic were delivered to the house.

“I can't believe how families come together like this! We are blessed!” Catherine posted to her Facebook page.

The cards were sent to Logan, but also to Catherine, offering love and encouragement to the entire family.

Television stations in Boston — Channels 4 and 7 — and even the national CBS news — picked up Logan and Catherine’s story. 

One day, the delivery was so large, the family mailman said to Cathy: "Boy, your son sure does have a lot of friends!"

Classrooms full of children have sent cards to Logan, from near and far. One student wrote his card to Logan in Braille, as the child is blind, but wanted to send a card to Logan.

Cards are coming in from everywhere, with little gifts attached — like Boston Police’s letter with a BPD shirt. And the card that came with a $20 bill and a note: “To be used only for ice cream. Enjoy.”

But it’s not just Americans sending cards, proving how far the Internet reaches. Cards have come in from Italy and Tanzania. And there’s an even an autographed card from Elmo and Sesame Street.

As of last week, over 400 cards had been sent to Logan.

If you want to send a card to Logan, just address it to:

Logan Pearson

311 Lowell St. #3210

Andover, MA 01810


And make sure to sign it: “Your Friend.”


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