Forget the Former Is Ready To Rock The Harp

New name, same commitment for Tewksbury band.

Sometimes small changes make a really big difference and for one Tewksbury band, Forget the Former, 2012 has been a year of reinventing, improving and building on their already solid reputation.

On Thursday, they will perform at Patch's Battle of the Bands concert at The Harp in Boston along with The Truezoos and the winner of the Video Battle of the Bands, The President. Register for this free event on our Event Brite page. 

These three musicians were originally called Together for the past two years, Ben Hanson, Daniel Daley and Bobby Briggs spent much of the past year looking for ways to improve and mature as a band. 

First on the list was, as Briggs explained, “looking for a name that was more unique, carried a meaning, and gave us the opportunity to come up first in online searches. For example, when you search Breakthrough on iTunes we come up on page 6. With Forget the Former we come up on the first page.”

Ultimately it was Daley who came up with the new name.

“After months of deciding, Daniel came up with the idea of calling us Forget the Former, in hopes to move on with our new name and forget the past,” explained Briggs.  “Also, we wanted a name that could be abbreviated, and FTF did the trick.”

With the new name came a new sense of direction and, as Briggs pointed out, these three young men are more than up for the challenge.

“With the new band name we decided to be more serious and mature about the band. We began booking more gigs, learning more songs, taking more notes, and becoming a better band overall,” Briggs said. “We hope to accomplish many new things with the band, and in the future, hope we can grow more successful each year. We plan on releasing our first full album in 2013.”

So, as Briggs reflects on the past year how does he feel about Forget the Former?

“My favorite thing about forget the former is how we have all grown closer to each other over the past two years, how we've learned to stick together through thick and thin, and how we have seized the opportunity to spread our music and positive messages together,” he said.

“When we hit the stage it's like everything changes, rather than three different kids with a certain talents, we become one band, and people can see that in us.”

Reality is that these three young men love performing and hope to have long careers in the music industry.  As Briggs explained, “We love the responsibility of entertaining people and giving the crowd a good time.”

With hopes of someday “making it big” in the music industry, Forget the Former knows that changing and growing are the keys to success.

“I love to perform our original song running, because every single show we change it up and create new things for the audience to enjoy,” Briggs said. “Also, it is a fast up-beat song that we have fun performing.”

This August, Forget the Former is set to release a new acoustic album.  They will also be performing their acoustic set as part of the   The event is a no cover, under 21 concert, The Truezoos and Forget the Former. 


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