Compare at the Groceries: Fruit

This week Andover Patch is comparing the prices of fruit at area grocery stores.

Andover residents have more than one option when it comes to groceries and Andover Patch thought it would be beneficial to note how the prices compare at the different locations, week to week.

Each Tuesday Andover Patch will feature the prices on basic items from Stop and Shop, Market Basket and Whole Foods. This week we featured the prices of several different types of fruit.

Store Naval Oranges
Pink Grapefruits
Bartlet Pears
McIntosh Apples
Market Basket 2/$1
$1.49/pound $0.99/pound $1 each $1 each
$1.49/pound $1.59/poound $1.49/pound*
$1.99/pound** $2.49/pound** $1.99/pound*

*Conventionally Grown

**Organically Grown

Frances Wheeler February 29, 2012 at 04:01 PM
Thank you for specifying organic vs. the inaptly named "conventional" (organic has been around for thousands of years, "conventional" methods just since WWII) in the chart. I'm willing to pay more for higher-quality produce created by farmers who care for the land, but I don't see why Whole Foods should be so much higher-priced for equivalent "conventional" produce. Thanks for this series.


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