Petrovich Loves Harvest Season at Napa Valley

This week's Meet Your Neighbor is Dylan's Bar and Grill owner Sam Petrovich.

Name: Same Petrovich

Occupation: Owner of

Favorite Hobby or Interest: Deep Sea Fishing

Favorite Type of Movie: I like all different kinds of action movies.

Dream Vacation: Napa Valley during Harvest Season (a dream vacation that Petrovich has made a reality several times)

How long have you worked in Andover: 10 years

Favorite Place in Andover: , because of the beautiful architecture, landscaping and scenic hiking trails.

Favorite Local Shop: , I love their watches and they have a lot of nice stuff.

How do you see Andover changing in the next 10 to 20 years? It's a beautiful downtown but everyone, from volunteers to business owners to town officials, need to pull together to attract more businesses to the downtown and make parking easier.


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