Pub Owner Plays Santa Around World

This week's Meet Your Neighbor is Park Street Pub owner Rick Pruneau.

Name: Rick Pruneau

Occupation: Owner, Park Street Pub

Hobbies and interests: Local Sports, playing Santa Claus (traveled as far as China to play him), the Town of Andover.

Favorite Movie: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, Schindler's List, The Last of the Mohicans.

Dream Vacation: I recently got back from Alaska, and aside from the beautiful landscapes, Alaska has the most marvelous and proud people, also the Greek Isles.

How long have you lived/worked in Andover? Ran businesses in Andover for 26 years, lived in Andover for 41 years.

What is your favorite place in Andover? The walking route from Park Street Pub to the bank and back.

Favorite local shop? The Nest on Barnard Street.

How do you see Andover changing over the next 10-20 years? I think the town has a great future but it has to be thought about and parking has to be resolved.

Where would someone see you around town? Everywhere (in Andover). Just look for the guy with the white hair and white beard...aka Santa.


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