Hire Local Decorators to Help Ease Holiday Stress

No time to string up the lights? No problem.

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File photo.
With the late Thanksgiving this year, the Christmas season is shortened. That means less time for shopping, prepping and decorating.

Well have no fear. There are businesses that specialize in decorating homes for the holiday so you don't have to.

Hiring decorators for the holidays is a rising trend, as more and more people find that they have less and less free time.

"Many holiday decorating companies evolved as offshoots of landscaping enterprises looking to expand business year-round," financial writer Kay Bell writes on Bankrate.com. "Since they couldn't mow or fertilize or plant in the dead of winter in most places, holiday decorations seemed like a natural next step."

Here are three nearby business that specialize in holiday home decor, with pricing raging from the hundreds to the thousands.

Holiday Bright Lights By LCM Plus: This landscaping business has decor down to a science. They have shunned string lights and instead use state-of-the-art a lighting system called LightLinks with a patented gear locking system, making more, and much more, lighting possible.

Christmas Decor by Christmas Delights: This Andover-based business promises to turn your house into a dazzling holiday sight with energy efficient lighting all over your property. They start with a consultation and map out your property to determine the best decorating plans to match your home. They'll also craft garlands and wreaths for you.

Deck the Halls: This business has been in operation for 12 years. For 12 years and handles both commercial and residential decorating. And they'll even handle the storage after. For Andover residents, they are offering a 20 percent discount.

Do you run a business that specializes in home decorating during the holiday season? Let us know about it in the comments below!


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