Vispoli Files Bill Seeking Transparency in Campaign Finance

Selectman Alex Vispoli has filed a bill, with the help of Rep. Jim Lyons, that would prohibit cash donations to a state candidate's campaign, among other reforms to campaign finance.

This was submitted by Andover selectman Alex Vispoli.

Alex Vispoli, an Andover Selectman announced that he has filed legislation to change state laws on campaign finance. His bill will require more transparency and allow voters to know who is paying for promotional literature.

“Last year I received a ton of comments and support from people when I suggested my campaign finance reform plan. It was clear that people want more transparency when electing their officials, so I decided to file this important bill despite not winning the Senate seat,” said Vispoli. “I don’t just talk about issues. I take action.”

Vispoli’s bill contains the following reforms:

· No more cash donations. All contributions would have to be made in the
form of a check or by credit card. It will stop anonymous donations.
· Full disclosure of all donations. Every contribution will be required to be
listed on campaign finance reports.
· Full disclosure on campaign literature. All campaign literature will be
required to include a disclaimer similar to the FEC’s regulations for federal
candidates to disclose who is paying for the piece.
· Robo calls will require having a disclaimer. The FEC requires federal
candidates to make this disclosure. The state should as well.
· End the expensing of vehicles on campaign finance reports. Candidates
and campaign workers will only be allowed to seek reimbursement for
· Immediate disclosure of independent expenditures. Any political
organization making an independent expenditure for a candidate will required
to notify the Office of Campaign and Political Finance within 5 days in
writing about the details of the expenditure along with most recent donations
since the last reporting period.

“The public has a right to know and these reforms will shed more light on campaign finance,” said Vispoli.

State Representative Jim Lyons filed the bill by request for Vispoli.


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