What's Happening with Moor and Mountain?

This week's You Ask...Patch Answers addresses what's happening at the camping and outdoor supplies store.

What happened to Moor and Mountain?

The owners of , which has been in Andover since 1975, have decided to throw in their hats and retire, closing down the outdoor gear shop for good. They had a sale in December and now are trying to get rid of all of their inventory as they look to close their doors anyday now. Just last Sunday, they had a large sale to get rid of more inventory and now they're looking to wind down. Look out for a feature story on the shop tomorrow.

Rob Michaels January 12, 2012 at 03:30 PM
When I learned they were closing it felt like the loss of a relative. I have "only" been going there for 28 out of the 45 years they have been in business but M&M was always my first stop to buy outdoor gear. The advice and service Al and Burt gave were the best I ever experienced in any store, anywhere. What a loss to Andover!


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