Andona's Spring Fling Reunites Middle School Students

Andover middle school students are invited to attend this fun filled evening.

This year’s Spring Fling event, for students in grades 6, 7 and 8, will take place this Saturday at the Greater Lawrence Technical School at 57 River Road. Festivities will be underway from 7 p.m. – 9:30 p.m. and the current ticket price of $15.00 will cover all food and activities.

Middle school students from Andover schools including Doherty, West, Wood Hill, Pike, Montessori and St. Augustine’s will have the opportunity to gather, spend time together, dance and take part in a slew of great activities. Attendees can look forward to DJ entertainment, an inflated boxing ring, sports arena, raffle prizes, bungee basketball and a pedestal joust.

An anticipated 300 students will partake in Spring Fling 2011.

“The overall goal for the event is to have the middle schoolers have fun, as well as to commit themselves to a drug and alcohol free evening.” said Leslie Burte, president of The Andona Society. “That’s how the event began and continues today.”

This nice occasion brings many students back together who have been separated since their time in grade school and it allows them to enjoy quality, clean fun in a safe and supportive environment.

Proceeds from the Spring Fling will go to the many efforts of the Andona Society including as many as 65 camperships, scholastic and sports group fund requests or any other group that has to do with the children in the Town of Andover.

Pre-registration and permission slips are required for the Spring Fling. Visit www.andona.org to register and make payments online. You will also find a printable permission slip here.

Offering the youth of Andover this kind of fun and constructive outlet is just one of many great opportunities sponsored by The Andona Society.

The Andona Society is a non-profit organization created in 1952 and since then has worked to support countless charitable initiatives.

Over time the society began focusing its efforts specifically on “helping the youth of Andover learn, grow and achieve.” The Andona Society actually hosts multiple program that benefit the youth of Andover, including Clown Town, the Halloween Ghoul-a and a series of valuable babysitting courses.

This year, the Andona Society will also award five, $2,000 scholarships to high school students in Andover to be used for the student’s post high school education.

Burte invites any member of the community who is interested in joining a fulfilling and fun organization that is committed to the youth of Andover. Those that are interested can contact Kate Wagner at kategwagner@comcast.net.

 “Our organization is purely voluntary, but also has the benefit of social interaction.” said Burte, “We have lots of fun as a group and we all have a sense of pride in how much money we raise. We are at the point now that we are able to donate over $50,000 per year to youth activities and one of our greatest fundraisers is Clown Town.”

Volunteers willing to spare two hours of their time at Clown Town on May 21st are also encouraged to contact the society.

Visit www.Andona.org for more information about The Spring Fling and The Andona Society.


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