Andover Team Rallying Against Cancer in 3rd Annual Effort

A team of Andover teenagers are continuing to raise money for the Jimmy Fund in Boston through the Rally Against Cancer event.

When an Andover middle school student was diagnosed with Leukemia two years ago, his friends stepped up to action. And now, on their third effort, this team of teenagers from Andover are once again raising money for the Jimmy Fund for their friend, who is now on his final months of Chemotherapy treatments.

Unhappy with the overall situation, the group, consisting of Ben Andresen, Kevin Labrie, Nate Wiley, Cedric Gillette & Michael O'Connor, eventually got together and raised $15,000 over the first two years of fundraising. Now they are looking to raise a little more.

The group of students based out of West Middle School will be holding a fundraising event on April 8, which coincides with the Red Sox Opening Day.

The students are specifically raising funds for the Rally Against Cancer for the Jimmy Fund in Boston.

Marjorie Andresen March 13, 2013 at 12:47 PM
Support Team Andover in the Jimmy Fund Rally Against Cancer. You can make your charitable donation online or via check. Here's the link to their fundraising page: http://www.rallyagainstcancer.org/c.8pLKLTPwEcLSH/b.8403341/k.EA4F/Team_Page/siteapps/teampage/ShowPage.aspx?c=8pLKLTPwEcLSH&b=8403341&sid=mwK3JgPZLmJ2KhN0IwH


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