Five Ideas for Father's Day Gifts

Here are five ideas for Father's Day presents that don't require much travel.

Are you having trouble picking out a Father's Day present? Well, here's a list of places in the area that may give you a little inspiration.

1. , , or : Does Dad have that favorite wine or beer that will just make his night? Stop by one of these fine establishments and pick him up that favorite beverage.

2. Royal Jewelers, Grecoe Jewelers, Nazarian Jewelers: Get you father that watch or piece of jewelry that will be a precious keepsake for years to come and reminder of his loving family.

3. , , : You can always get a membership to one of Andover's gyms and fitness centers.

4. : Stop by Kohl's in North Andover for that tie, piece of clothing or grilling equipment that will make Dad's day.

5. Gift Certificate's to local restaurants: Get Dad a gift certificate to one of the fine local eateries in the area including, , and others.


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