How Andover Spent Your Money Last Week

Andover spent a total of $1,134,984 over 178 checks last week.

Each week the spends money approved in the annual budget for everyday expenses and, each week, Andover Patch runs a feature highlighting a handful of these expenses for our readers' perusal.

This past week Andover cut 178 checks to various vendors with a grand total of $1,134,984.63. Check out how Andover spent your money last week.

What the Town Bought How Much They Spent Vendor Name Work on Sidewalks for the Highway Department
$23,940.40 Allied Paving Corp.
Additional Lighting for Memorial Hall Library
$8,870 Andover Electric Services
Parking Supplies
$192.18 AMPAC
A Part for a Trap Rake
$130 Automotive Parts Rebuilders
A Grill for Andover Youth Services
Big Johns Grill & Rotisseries
Materials for Work on Balmoral Green
$279.40 Brox Industries
CPR Supplies for the Police Department
Channing Bete Company, Inc.
Non-Specified Legal Expenses
$7,410 Collins, Laughran & Peloquin
Steel Drums for the Parks Department
Enco Industries, Inc.
Paintball Trip for DCS Youth Trips
$540 Fox 4 Paintball, Inc.


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