LETTER: L'Italien Crosses the Isle to Get Results

Here is a Letter to the Editor from Andover resident Margot Bixby in support of Democratic state representative candidate Barbara L'Italien.

Dear Editor,

Whenever I have conversations with friends and family about politics, more often than not the conversation isn’t about which political party is right - it is about the partisan gridlock and complete lack of cooperation. Whatever your political beliefs, no doubt most Americans want to see their officials working together to tackle the tough issues and move our country forward.

It is with these feelings in mind that I feel compelled to write about how excited I am to see Barbara L’Italien running for State Representative.

Serving 8 years representing the Merrimack Valley, Barbara built a reputation as a thoughtful, hardworking legislator. Perhaps most importantly, Barbara built a reputation as someone willing to work with anyone - regardless of Party or philosophy - to pass groundbreaking legislation that improves the lives of seniors, families, and people with disabilities.

As our State Representative, Barbara teamed up with Republican Richard Ross in co-chairing the legislature’s Senior Citizen Caucus. In this role, Barbara built bridges and worked with others in passing legislation that made it possible for seniors to avoid nursing homes, and instead receive in-home care. This policy-change maintained the dignity of our senior citizens, expanded care, and ended up saving taxpayer money!

It is rare to find an official, especially in today’s hyper-political environment, who is able to take a complicated issue, develop a plan to tackle that issue, and make sure that plan increases care and decreases cost. Not only did Barbara L’Italien do this, she did it through collaboration and by bringing people together.

Barbara’s record speaks for itself, and though I only detail one example above, this example sums up why Barbara L’Italien is the very type of person we need serving the Merrimack Valley. If we want a government that works for us, then we need to start electing people who are willing to work together. This is why I support Barbara L’Italien, and I ask that voters join me in electing her State Representative.


Margot Bixby

salemst September 19, 2012 at 06:39 PM
We all remember Barbara L'Italien as the Assistant Ways and Means Committee Chairman was the architect of the alcohol tax being slipped into the budget back in 2009 causing tremendous pain for our local liquor establishments. After losing her re-election in 2010, she took a 100K state patronage job in Steve Grossman's Treasurer's office. Tax increasing and crony government patronage. Don't see much aisle crossing here.
havehadit222 September 20, 2012 at 12:30 AM
I agree with salemst! L'Italien will give up 100K for her old rep seat. Full time work too much for you Babs?
Kathleen September 20, 2012 at 11:57 AM
She crossed the AISLE, not a small island.
salemst September 20, 2012 at 01:04 PM
There were only 16 Republicans in the House when L'Italien was there, 33 now that she's not there. Not much of a "bipartisan" feat here. She found one who wanted more government spending on one of her pet projects. This is a representative who as an elitist berated people disagreeing with her. She didn't and wouldn't represent her district, only the Deval Patrick agenda.


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