UPDATE: Missing Cat Body Located

The cat was last seen on a sidewalk on Central Street Wednesday morning.

This week, Toni Hadad received news most pet owners dread. Her beloved 8-year-old cat "Bullet" had been hit by a car and killed Tuesday.

But the tragic has now become the bizarre. Bullet's remains are now missing.

Hadad's neighbor found Bullet on a sidewalk near a tree on Central Street near Torr Street, and he had passed away.

Upon hearing the news Wednesday morning, Hadad went to the spot her neighbor had seen Bullet, to retrieve his body, and the body was gone.

Hadad's neighbor saw Bullet still there at 7:30 a.m. that morning, but there was a man with a shovel nearby.

Now, Hadad is looking for answers, as well as looking to retrieve her cat's remains. Meanwhile she and her family are dealing with the grief together.

"It is hard, my kids are having a hard time, it comes in waves, you try and think of the fun times and the things he did to make us laugh but expect him to be near your legs looking for treats," she said.

"Now he is gone, I wanted to bury him properly with my children and don't know who this man is," Hadad said. "I have contacted everyone, Animal Control, Andover and Bulger Animal Hospital and all the neighbors."

Bullet was black, silver and gray and was wearing a red collar.

UPDATE: Hadad reports that she has located Bullet's remains.

"I found out who the man was that had the shovel," she said.

The man was a thoughtful neighbor who didn't know the cat was hers and buried him in the woods.

"I am glad he did this, I am not sure I would have wanted to see my poor cat laying on the side of the street dead, as well as any other children walking home from school (especially my daughter) who would have seen him for sure in that state," Hadad said. "We are now at least comforted that we know where he is buried and how he died."


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