VIDEO: Elm Square at Lunch x 32

Take a look at the activity in Elm Square for a half hour at lunch time on a Friday afternoon -- after it's been crunched down to one minute.

Elm Square is kind of like the gateway to downtown Andover and the traffic that goes through the small square is significant throughout the busy times of the day. So why not take a look at all that activity rushing in and out of downtown played at 32 times normal speed. 

Larry Wangerin February 23, 2013 at 03:45 PM
I picked up on one pedestrian daring to cross Elm Sqare - creating a venue for two of my pet peeves. Why do dark color cars run without headlights as on the by-pass or under less than ideal driving conditions? Why do runners and walkers insist on wearing dark clothing when in the roadways? This morning I turned left into Wildwood coming from town - no problem, no oncoming traffic. However, there was a walker (dark clothing) with dog in the breakdown lane to my right. After turning, an appalling thought came - what if I had to stop with a vehicle following? What would they have done, stopped behind or pulled to the right to get around? Too often we are oblivious of our surroundings.


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