Where are the Best Sledding Spots in Andover?

We've compiled a short list of sledding spots in Andover but we want to know more. Let us know where the best sledding spots in Andover are.

A New England blizzard is tearing through Andover and hopefully all residents are safe and sound in their homes. But after heat, food and safety needs are met, there's nothing wrong with having a little fun.

So, we're trying to compile a list of great places in Andover but we currently have only a short list:

  • Andover High School Hill
  • Trull Brook Golf Course (in Tewksbury close to the Andover town line on River Road)
  • High Plain Elementary School behind the basketball courts
  • Pike School Campus

Where do you go to sled in the Andover area? Add to our list by making a comment below.

George Lewis February 09, 2013 at 10:52 AM
Maybe 20 years ago, took my kids to the "Sand Pit" next to Recreation Park! Slopes leading to the bottom of the pit were quite exciting to sled on! Access was at the very end of Rec Park Road. Also, the Gated Road to Pomps pond would be good sledding as well as a service road leadind to the bottom of the sand pit


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