Democratic Party Chair Criticizes Lyons' Budget Opposition

The Massachusetts Democratic Party chair criticized State Rep. Jim Lyons for his efforts to prevent the passage of a supplemental budget

This press release was provided by the Massachusetts Chair of the Democratic Party John Walsh. 

The chair of the Massachusetts Democratic Party today sharply criticized Republican State Representative James Lyons for “playing petty political games while the people of Andover could be helped by urgent new funding for education, roadwork and help for the disabled.

“The freshman Republican representative from Andover—along with some of his Republican colleagues—knows very well that there is a good way for them to get their legislation passed; it’s called rallying support for their ideas. Instead, they are holding hostage much needed education funds and money for needed road and other projects in Andover and all over the state,” said John Walsh, chair of the Massachusetts Democratic Party.

“What he is doing is so much like the political games being played by the Republicans in Washington. It’s not even funny,” Walsh added. “Just say no to everything until you get your way—no to good job-creating programs like this and no to better education funding like this would provide,” he added.

Rep. Lyons is using small-bore parliamentary maneuvers to prevent the final passage of the state’s proposed supplemental budget. The budget reinvests $350 million in the Stabilization Fund, devotes more than $28 million for those most in need and provides $23 million in order to keep local courts open.

A total of $65 million in funding for important local programs is at risk because of Lyons’ delaying tactics. 

“Not only is Rep. Lyons preventing important jobs programs from going forward but he is also stopping $19 million in tornado aid from advancing, funding people in Western Massachusetts desperately need to repair their damaged homes and communities.

“I understand that fortunately the people in Andover were not impacted by the deadly tornadoes, but most everyone in the state believes we should all pitch in to help them rebuild—everyone it seems except Mr. Lyons,” Walsh added.


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