LETTER: Lyons on School Health Services

The following was submitted by Ann Fay Michaels.

To the Editor:

As a parent, I consider my children's health and safety to be my priority.  Many families like mine depend on school nurses and other health services to keep their kids safe and healthy while they're at school.  I've had my kids in the Andover school system for years, and over that time I've seen how much good school nurses and school-based health centers can do for children when properly funded.

Mr. Lyons recently filed an amendment to the FY13 budget-- Amendment 577-- that would completely eliminate school-based health services, including all funding for school nurses.  If adopted, his amendment would gut our school health programs, forcing them to shutter their nurse's offices and close down vital anti-smoking and anti-obesity programs.  

Mr. Lyons seems to have an agenda that he is putting ahead of student health and safety.  Caring for our schoolchildren shouldn't be a partisan issue-- it should be something we can all agree on.  That's why I was so upset recently to learn that State Representative James Lyons has made children's health care a political football.  I urge my fellow citizens and parents to join me in voting against Mr. Lyons on November 6th.

Ann Fay Michaels

Bill Kelly October 23, 2012 at 12:27 AM
Is that what Rep Lyons thinks? But it still does not answer the question about why he wants to eliminate this funding.
salemst October 23, 2012 at 12:32 AM
Most of us are fighting an awful economy trying to keep more of what we earn, and someone's worrying about this small ball stuff.
Bill Kelly October 23, 2012 at 01:31 AM
Agree the economy has a long way to go. But not sure what your point is, Are we bloggers making too much of this small ball stuff, or Rep Lyons?
Bill Callahan October 23, 2012 at 02:23 AM
Listen, I'm a Democrat, I wouldn't support Rep. Lyons on principle. But, I can sincerely admire folks like Bruce Tarr (State Senator from Gloucester) who have a different worldview, fight for what they can, and work with others to make things work better. Jim Lyons is just going to yell, scream, and stomp his feet about the "taxpayers" without actually accomplishing anything. All his radical social policies need to be out in the open and his ineffectiveness highlighted.
salemst October 23, 2012 at 04:05 PM
Lyons fights for the district. Government accountability, taxpayers keep more of their hard earned money, creating an economic environment conducive to private sector jobs creation, and local aid back to the towns. L'Italien is for raising taxes in Depressionesque times and accepting a political crony patronage 100K job she was unqualified for milking the public sector getting payback for being a good 'go along to get along' foot soldier. She was the architect of the meals and alcohol tax being slipped via jacket in a private conference committee without a House vote into the budget to be passed. When asked about her role she never came clean saying she slipped it in herself as Assistant Ways and Means Chairman. Instead, she pleaded she had no choice in that she had to vote for the budget cause others depend on government. it blew up in her face when Lyons confronted her on it in their Tribune Debate in 2010. All we need to know about L'Italien is she financially hurt her constituents raising their sales, meals, and alcohol taxes during abysmal economic times in 2009 while financially helping herself to the public trough getting a 100K government job in Steve Grossman's office. Those are the issues that matter.


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