Parent to Parent presents tonight's talk:

Sal Caraviello, MA, M.Ed: “Kids in Crisis: Stress, Despair and Hope”
Tuesday, December 3, 2013
Location: Andover’s Memorial Hall Public Library ~ 7:00-8:30 PM

If you are struggling with the emotional well being of your child, you are not alone. Suicide, cutting, bullying, drug and alcohol abuse and depression have all seen huge spikes over the past 10 years. This crisis is occurring in good kids within supportive families- a phenomenon which frequently leaves us grappling with the question, “Why?”. Be assured this is not typical child behavior, nor is it a rite of passage. It is a national epidemic as our kids of all ages suffer the physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual damages of massive stress, rooted in an over-taxed adrenal system. Yet many communities, families and children suffer in silence and in shame. This holistic, frank, factual, and inspirational presentation on the state of our youth is geared towards parents, teachers, administrators, coaches, and all those concerned with the well being of our children. Mostly this is a presentation of HOPE and answers, rooted in free, time tested, practical solutions.


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