Andover Police Keep the Streets Clear as Storm Rages

Police have not had to write any tickets yet for residents driving on the roadways but did reprimand motorists that were driving.

As of 4 p.m. Friday afternoon, the governor had declared a state of emergency and prohibited all non-emergency vehicles from driving on the roadways.

Andover Police officers have been patroling the streets of Andover to allow the DPW staff to do their jobs and clear the streets.

Andover Police Lt. John Pathiakis said that there have been some motorists that just couldn't stay off the roadway. And he said that patrolman had to pull them over and tell them to go home.

"We had to pull a few cars over and say, 'Look, get the heck off the road,'" said Pathiakis.

However, he said that they have not yet issued any tickets for driving on the road during the ban, which is a $500 fine, according to state law.

Police have not reporting any major incidents as a result of the snow and say that most citizens are staying off the roadway.

What do you think about the governor's driving ban? Let us know in a statewide comment thread.


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