Police Find Over a Pound of Heroin in Traffic Stop

State Police pulled over a motor vehicle on Interstate 495 in Andover and found over 600 grams of heroin.

A State Police trooper noticed a minivan on the Interstate 495 in Andover with windows that looked a little too tinted this past Saturday. After stopping the motor vehicle, the trooper discovered that the operator was driving without a valid license -- and that he had over a pound of heroin in a hidden compartment in the vehicle.

Luis Sanchez-Moreta was arrested charged with Trafficking Heroin, giving a false name to police, Unlicensed Operation, three outstanding warrants, and cited for excessive window tint. He was a previously deported felon and is wanted by Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Xiomara Ortiz, the female passenger, was charged with her previous warrant, Trafficking Heroine, giving a false name to police, Possession of a Class E substance, and cited for a Seatbelt Violation.

Massachusetts State Police Trooper Daniel Doiron Jr. pulled over the minivan around 5 p.m. this past Saturday for excessive tint. During the stop he noticed that the Sanchez-Moreta had given him a fraudulent ID and that the female passenger had pill bottles with labels ripped off.

After calling backup, Doiron Jr. arrested both Sanchez-Moreta and Ortiz.

Given the amount of cash found in the vehicle, over $6,000, Doiron Jr. requested a canine search of the vehicle. The minivan was taken to Cody's Towing in Lawrence and given a search with a K-9 unit.

The search uncovered 604 grams of heroin in a hidden compartment.


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