Trial Starts in Brutal 1988 Andover Rape Case

Valentine Underwood, a convicted murderer, was set to go on trial in Salem Superior Court.

Valentine Underwood. File photo.
Valentine Underwood. File photo.

A California man was scheduled to go on trial Monday for the brutal rape and attempted murder of a woman who was dumped in a ditch in 1988.

The Eagle-Tribune reported Valentine Underwood was set to go on trial in Salem Superior Court.

According to authorities, Underwood allegedly forced a vehicle off the road in Andover that was operated by the 24-year-old victim as she was driving home to Lowell.

Underwood allegedly struck the woman in the face and forced her into his vehicle. Prosecutors said Underwood repeatedly sexually assault the victim as they headed north to New Hampshire.

After pulling over just past the Hampton Toll Plaza, Underwood allegedly stabbed the woman in the abdomen and the knife blade broke off. He left the victim in a ditch and fled the area and the woman was able to drag herself out of the ditch and get help. She was later transported to Exeter Hospital and survived the attack.

A rape kit was administered by police and a DNA sample matched Underwood after authorities learned that he was the suspect involved. Valentine is currently serving two life terms in California state prison for murdering two women.


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