District 6: "Robo Abby" Joins the Fray

Robocalls have been sent out about congressional candidate Richard Tisei.

In case you missed a Boston Phoenix column detailing Richard Tisei's family's troubled legal past, someone named "Abby" is likely to call and remind you.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has launched a robocall campaign in which a woman who calls herself Abby accuses Tisei of being involved in fraud.

The robocall says:

"Hi, this is Abby calling from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. I’m calling to tell you about Richard Tisei, the Republican candidate running to be your congressman.  The Boston Phoenix recently reported that Richard Tisei’s family was found to have essentially defrauded multiple small businesses and that Richard Tisei himself made tens of thousands of dollars off a real estate deal as the family allegedly tried to hide their assets. Richard Tisei needs to come clean about his ties to this fraudulent company and how he may have profited from his family’s illegal activities. Call Richard Tisei now at 781-598-2012 and demand he tell the truth to Massachusetts voters."

The robocall refers to and a home sale Tisei made money off of that his parents also owned.

A spokesman for the DCCC said that Abby is a real person.

Tisei's campaign immediately issued a counter-attack, calling the robocalls an act of desperation by Congressman John Tierney.

"John Tierney's 16 years in the U.S. House apparently amount to a plaque for Salem and, so far, three negative ads and thousands of negative 'robocalls' about his opponent to the voters," Tisei campaign manager Paul Moore said. "Is this the best the voters can expect from John Tierney? The sad answer is clearly yes."


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