Handling the Large Town Meeting [POLL RESULTS]

See how what voters said in this week's poll about the special Town Meeting.

Each Tuesday we ask Andover Patch readers a question about anything from government to entertainment to food.

This week we asked you . See what our readers said.

Votes Percentage of Votes  Very well. There was no way they could have expected that many voters and they made changes in a reasonable amount of time.   12 29% Ok. Dealing with 1,800 people will take time. However, they should have at least had a more firm plan on what to do with a surplus of voters. 17 41% Not Well. They should have a way of estimating how many people will show up and prepare for that. 4 9% Terrible. They should've expected that many people and been able to offer seating in a short period of time. 8 19%


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