How Andover Spent Your Money Last Week

Andover spent $479,057 last week over 176 checks.

Each week the spends money approved in the annual budget for everyday expenses and, each week, Andover Patch will be running a new feature, highlighting a handful of these expenses for our readers' perusal.

This past week Andover cut 176 checks to various vendors with a grand total of $479,057.50. Check out how Andover spent your money last week.

What the Town Bought How Much They Spent Vendor Name Candy and Snacks for the Pomps Pond Canteen $851.55 Kendall Confectionery Company, Inc. Microfilm Scanner, Zoom Lense and Scan Pro Software for Library
$11,211.55 AMS Imaging, Inc.
Support Lighting for Library
$1,690 Andover Electrical Services, Inc.
Catch Basin Repair and Parts
$1,823 Atlantic Fluid Technology, Inc.
Flouride for the Water Department
$6,129.77 Borden Remingotn
Sandblasting and Refinishing a Highway Vehicle
$4,800 Custom Coach
Surfing Classes for Andover Youth Services
$315 Cinnamon Rainbows
Headsets for Dispatch Center
$548.95 Corporate Data and Voice Solutions
Service on Fire Department Refridgerator
$275 Griffin Refrigeration, Inc.
Design Services for the Balmoral Fence
$7,923 Huntress Associates


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