How Andover Spent Your Money This Month

Andover spent roughly $1.4 million in the first full week of August.

Each week the spends money approved in the annual budget for everyday expenses and, each week, Andover Patch will be running a new feature, highlighting a handful of these expenses for our readers' perusal.

This past week Andover cut 170 checks to various vendors with a grand total of $1,435,423.72. Check out how Andover spent your money last week.

What the Town Bought How Much They Spent Vendor Name Water Lab Equipment
$1,480.44 A/D Instrument Repair, Inc.
Carpet Installation
$2,042 Arrow Floor Carpet One
Highway Department supplies
$1,616.76 Benevento Asphalt
Two Elevator Inspections
$800 Commonwealth of Massachusetts
Stationary for the Fire Department
$156 Dover Press
Tree Removal
$1,500 Ferris Tree Service, Inc.
Protective Clothing for Various Departments
$4,696 Industrial Protection Products
Workmen's Compensation
$214,904 MIIA Property & Casualty Group, Inc.
Printing for the September Newsletter for Elder Services
$1,161.23 4441 Postmaster
Fiscal Year 2013 Real Estate Refund
$1,161.78 Stiles & Associates
Michael Quinlan August 21, 2012 at 02:15 PM
Really like the new feature! Is the Workmen's Compensation expense paid quarterly?


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