How Much Money Does Andover Make on Parking?

Take a look at how much the town makes on parking fees and violations each year.

Downtown Andover offers the atmosphere of a quaint shopping district but with that comes the inevitable cost of parking. Take a look at how much Andover makes each year off parking violations and fees.

2009 2010 2011 Revenue from Parking Fees $226,227 $238,607 $255,926 Revenue from Parking Violations $159,556 $173,752 $152,343 Total Parking Revenue 385,783 $412,359 $408,629 Combined Salary of the Two Parking Enforcement Officers $71,828 $76,080 $77,664 Total Parking Revenue Minus Salaries $313,955 $336,279 $330,965
Brendan Lewis February 27, 2012 at 01:53 PM
Hi Doug, I'll be happy to dig that information up and feature it on the site in the near future. However, this article was intended to simply give people an idea of how much money these meters and violations cost Andover residents (and area residents) on a whole; not necessarily to spotlight the 'benefit' of the revenue (even though that's an important issue as well). The combined salaries were included because public employees' pay is always a matter of interest and served as an added tidbit.
Cyn February 27, 2012 at 02:07 PM
Good information, nice job Brendan, but I agree with Doug--there is a lot more $$ involved in the "benefits" for the enforcement officers, plus the other items he mentioned--would be interesting to get all of that and see how it all works out. Clearly we are making a lot of money on parking violators which is why they are so aggressive, but there has to be some relief for the shoppers and for the business owners--there should be some compromise that makes it better for everyone. It is incredibly frustrating--and now with the meters in effect until 8PM and apparently on Sundays too, it really pushes people to go somewhere else...Revenue is one thing, but greedy is entirely something different and I think we are getting way too greedy.
diane king February 27, 2012 at 02:25 PM
Can paid parking just be till 6:00 pm and no fees on Sunday at least.
Joe February 28, 2012 at 07:25 PM
You want to encourage people to patronize downtown buinesses? Dump the parking fees. More people will come, new businesses will open and our downtown has a much better chance of becoming a destination and not a place to avoid because of parking fees. The selection of businesses downtown is limited. To become a truly desirable downtown shopping area we need more businesses, less banks and free parking.
Michael Jordan January 15, 2013 at 03:22 AM
Andover Parking Control Officers go out of their way to give students at Phillips Academy $20 parking tickets for attending school and parking on Salem St. Parking turnover isn't a big issue on Salem St. and Parking Tickets are not suppose to be issued to generate revenue!!! They don't even bother to chalk the tires and just make up times for the tickets. The student's don't have time to appeal these tickets personally, and many of these day students our Andover's children. Don't we pay enough taxes to provide for Town Services, sport fees, bus fees, why do they have to abuse our children with cheap shot parking tickets?? Clearly the Parking Control Officers didn't have the intelligence to have attended either Andover High School or Phillips Academy or they would use more common sense instead of being "ticket nazis". Shame on the Selectmen, Town Manager, and Police Chief for allowing these dishonorable tactics by so called public servants. For example, the Parking Enforcement Officer was on Salem St. on 1/14/13 and ticketed 20 or more students for overtime parking $20 fine, and he didn't even bother to chalk the tires, scribbled his name on the parking ticket so its not legible (why he is ashamed of us his own behavior?), and wrote badge #1111 on the tickets!!! Shame on these highly questionable tactics, and behaviors with the sole purpose of meeting ticket quota's & collecting revenue.


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