Rep. Jim Lyons Visits NuPath in Woburn

NuPath, Inc. was honored to welcome Representative James Lyons (R) to its Woburn headquarters located at 147 New Boston Street, on July 24th.

This was provided by the office State Rep. James Lyons.

Representative Lyons brought a firsthand perspective of  the care given by Human Service workers, in that his own sister (Gerry) is one of the individuals NuPath serves.  Rep. Lyons relayed to us that he grew up in a family where his father and mother made it crystal clear that everything that they did as kids, his sister was a part of.

Sheri McCann, President and CEO of NuPath, said, “I know that you voted for the Salary Reserve and I want to thank you for that.”

Representative Lyons said, “Let me comment on that.  I’m a Republican and people look at Republicans and say that they are against everything. I don’t mind telling you I am against quite a few things that this Governor spends our money on. It annoys me the amount of money that is being spent on programs with absolutely no accountability and it annoyed me that the people who are taking care of the most needy in our society. They have not been given a raise.  The people who care for my sister are just the most wonderful people and what you folks do for these people, in my mind, that’s what government’s role is, strictly speaking, to make sure that people like my sister have an opportunity to live on their own.”

Representative Lyons toured the newly renovated facility at 147 New Boston Street and spoke to many of the persons served and found the programs to be outstanding.  The facility boasts a Mail & Distribution Center; Art and Painting Studio; Hospitality Suite; Housekeeping Training; Property Management Business; Landscaping Business; Sewing and Textiles Workrooms; Health and Wellness Center; Career Development Classrooms; Café and Catering Training; Whole Life Planning Studios;  and Journey Productions Micro-business.  The new state of the art space is now providing unparalleled services to individuals served.

Representative Lyons walked through the workrooms and he was able to see firsthand some of the fabulous gift items being made which he then saw on display in the Mercantile, NuPath’s country store (open Monday through Friday, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.). 

NuPath Inc. has been a leader in the human services arena for more than 40 years, providing a network of creative day services and residential options for people living with developmental disabilities, autism spectrum disorders and acquired brain injury.  For more information on NuPath’s programs and services, please go to www.nupathinc.org.


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