TELL US: Who Should Run For Governor?

Governor Deval Patrick won't run again, and Lt. Gov. Tim Murray wants the job. So do Treasurer Steve Grossman and 2010 Republican candidate Charlie Baker. Who do you think should run for governor?

Lt. Governor Tim Murray couldn't hold out any longer. On Thursday, he told the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce he'd like to be governor, according to WBUR. 

Mind you, he didn't say he would run, just that he wants to be governor. With the election two years away, starting an official campaign now would be a bit premature. 

But Murray's not alone. Governor Deval Patrick has said he will not run in 2014, leaving the door open for Murray and a host of other suitors. State treasurer Steve Grossman and 2010 Republican gubernatorial candidate Charlie Baker have also expressed interest in a run in 2014. And it wasn't so long ago that Scott Brown was greeted with shouts of "Governor!" during his concession speech. 

Who do you think should run for governor? Is there someone you think would make a great leader of the Commonwealth? Or do you want one of these Massachusetts heavyweights to square off for the corner office? Tell us in the comments below.

Harry Birmingham January 23, 2013 at 12:24 AM
When they went to S.S. they weren't trying to screw us or the government . There intention was to see if what-- and-- if they would have to give up any thing. They say the system left them with no choice but to stay as they are. As was said prior to this the savings in giving up one rent alone was over a 1000 dollars when one or the other gave up the place they are now separately living in. The bennies the female and her child were getting would be very much nil or non existent if she were to marry. If they were to marry their income would be way less than what they now have separately to live on. You and I have our living standard[s] as they are now and get along with our existence even if it is hard doing it. This couple want to do the right thing but the government tells them the opposite and to ,without coming out really to say it, not to marry. Your right about your intoxication statement but not about them. One is of foreign birth and coming here the other is a born American. Both want to do what is right but you lump them with the true abusers, unwittingly so, not knowing their back rounds. If any one deserves the or any break it is this couple that do not like being on the dole as we say. They have no choice due to their circumstances, one more so than the other. What is forgotten here is that they can not work as you or I have for what we have gotten by having done so. There not abusers of our system as the illegals we have here that we all are opposed to.
chester suchecki January 23, 2013 at 12:31 AM
how about everybody sing kum bye ya ?
Lenny January 23, 2013 at 01:08 AM
Sorry, I have no clue what your defense of them is. Unless there is a physical handicap preventing them from taking care of themselves, is there any reason why whatever loss of benefits they "suffer", can't be made up with......gee I dunno....like maybe getting a job? I don't get why they think they are entitled to go against convention and not marry simply to avoid having to pitch in to help society and provide for not only themselves, but maybe contribute a little through taxes to help pay for a few things.
Saber Walsh January 24, 2013 at 03:18 PM
Charlie Baker would have had the votes had the "pull the vote thing" not emerged. Now that the Lt. Governor's buddy is being indited it's pretty clear why Speed Racer is not "interested" in the job. Scott Brown would be interesting in that he sits more conservative-left than right or even centrist, so he'd be okay with the status quo without perhaps the "I need more of your money that I can waste on truly stupid idealistic things!" maneuvers of our current governor. We just need someone who can stop the partisan nonsense that Deval is wrapped up in, work between the parties (not that the Republican Party in Massachusetts couldn't drive to the statehouse in a Prius), and start fixing what's really wrong instead of throwing our good money at partisan projects.
Harry Birmingham January 24, 2013 at 05:58 PM
I no longer vote in Mass. having moved north but I do have to agree that the states of Mass. & N.H. should heavily invest in the Toyota Prius for transportation use. The cost of mileage alone would save a fortune . Based on the Prius savings the pols who use their m/v's should be paid accordingly for their mileage to go back and forth to work. The only draw back is that the cars are light on the roads in the winter driving as compared to the warmer times of the year.


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