Tierney, Tisei Tussle Over TV Ad

The ad once again says Tisei is a right-wing extremist.

It's just a few weeks from the election, and the battles are getting more intense in the 6th District congressional race.

Congressman John Tierney's campaign has released a new ad once again labeling Republican Richard Tisei as a right-wing extremist. This time, however, the Tierney campaign is accusing Tisei of being anti-abortion.

The ad, which can be viewed here, starts with Tisei referring to the national Republican platform by saying "it is what it is."

The ad then goes through a list of anti-abortion measures Republicans have supported -- including a constitutional amendment to ban abortion without excpetions for rape or incest and defunding Planned Parenthood -- and ties them to Tisei's candidacy. It also lists votes Tisei has cast in the past including one for an amendment to ban public funding of abortions in 1986 and another to postpone a vote on criminalizing the blocking of abortion clinic entrances in 1993.

"What it is," the ad says at the end, "is too extreme."

Tisei, however, is pro-choice. He has said so many times. And Tisei's "it is what it is" comment was taken from a TV interview in which Tisei was actually speaking out against his party's platform regarding social issues.

Tisei's campaign manager Paul Moore issued a statement condemning the ad and calling Tierney's efforts "pitiful."

"Does Congressman Tierney have no shame? He's beginning to embarrass himself with these absurd lies," Moore said. "Richard has a long record as a pro-choice Senator. He's been a leader on women's health issues in the state for years. He's openly gay and has been a leader as a social moderate and fiscal conservative. John Tierney has decided that he can't win if he doesn't lie. That's pretty pitiful and the voters deserve much better."

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