Two Selectmen Looking Forward

Recently re-elected selectman Brian Major and Dan Kowalski, elected for his first term, both discuss what they plan to focus on once they start their term on the Board of Selectmen.

Voters made it clear they wanted Brian Major to stay and Dan Kowalski to join. But now, what do the two men plan to do now that they have won their seats on the Board of Selectmen?

Major kept it simple and provided both short term and a long term objectives he has made for himself as he begins another term on the Board of Selectmen. On the short term, he, in concert with other town officials, hopes to finalize a balanced budget for fiscal 2013. On the longterm, he wants to work so that Andover will fully fund the town's commitment to provide certain benefits for town employees that retire.

"I really want to see us create a solid plan to deal with our OPEB (Other postemployment benefits) liability," said Major.

Kowalski said he believes that Andover is doing well and would like to contribute in making it even better. He said that, while attending meetings in recent years, he has gained considerable insight on areas that could use improvement.

"That’s key here. Collectively, as a community, [we should] identify what our priorities are," said Kowalski.

But, mostly, he said he wants to learn; not just from others in town government but from the residents.

"There’s a lot of learning and there’s a lot of listening," said Kowalski. "I just want to raise [our] understanding of where it is we are and where it is we want to go."


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