What Is Happening with the Construction on I-93 North?

This "You Ask...Patch Answers" addresses the construction project on I-93 northbound intended to create sound barriers for Andover residents.

What is going on with the construction on Interstate 93 northbound?

The State Department of Transportation is managing the construction project on the side of Interstate 93 northbound to build sound barrier walls from the Dascomb Road exit to Route 133 exit. The project began this past summer and the construction is currently 46 percent complete, according to the DOT website

The project was funded through the Federal Highway Department Surface Transportation Program and was bid out at $5,337,119.50.

The project is scheduled to be complete sometime this summer.

Christopher R. Cook January 18, 2013 at 01:11 AM
this had to be built because of a small # of residents who purchased homes close to 93 complained long enough its amazing someone buys a house next to the highway after its been there over 60 years then demands a sound barrier be put up
CMH January 18, 2013 at 12:32 PM
Over 5 million dollars for the project! What a waste of tax payer dollars and not to mention how awful it looks. If every neighborhood that abuts the highway requested the same thing - 93 would be encased in a cement wall. People should think twice before they buy a home near a highway if the hum of traffic is going to be bothersome.


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