Bancroft School to Break Ground in the Fall

Officials are hoping to start roadway improvements this summer.

The l has been awaiting reconstruction and, now, town officials are hoping that they have a firm grasp on when the project will break ground.

Lawsuits by abutters slowed the project but officials say that the legal problems are now conlcuded and the town can start planning the preparation for construction.

Selectman Brian Major updated the town on the Bancroft Elementary School project during Annual Town Meeting Monday.

Major said that lawsuit delaying the school project is now closed and the town can start looking forward.

Town contractors will be working on roadway improvements to prepare for the school construction. Major said that they hope to break ground on the school this fall.

Approved at Special Town Meeting 2010, the $44 million Bancroft School project was scheduled . However, the project was delayed due to abutters' lawsuits objecting to the project's permanent access road that they claimed was encroaching on protected wetland boundaries.


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