IMAGE GALLERY: Students Explore Circuits at Sanborn

An interactive science and technology workshop visits Andover classrooms.

David Vatto's fourth-grade science class at Sanborn Elementary School was paid a visit Wednesday by TomWahle, who led an interactive workshop exploring electrical circuitry. Among other things the students learned hands on about the workings of circuits in parallel and in series, resistance, and electromagnets. 

Mr. Vatto, who has been teaching circuits in his curriculum said, "Tom has come for all four years that I have been teaching at Sanborn and the kids just love it." For Mr. Vatto's class and many others, it is a great way to reinforce what they learn in the classroom."

Tom Wahle founded Techsplorations in 1997 after 10 years of teaching science in his own classroom. He travels thoughout New England providing classrooms with highly interactive programs and demonstrations geared towards science and technology.


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