Andover National Are State Champs

Andover National claimed the state little league championship today, beating Braintree American 7-6.

The 12-year-olds on Andover National claimed the state title today after beating Braintree American 7-6 in the Little League State Championship game. The state title victory comes in the wake of Andover National's domination of the league throughout the summer season. 

However, it was today's game that Andover National saw one of their larger slumps, falling down 3-1 to Braintree in the third inning. 

Andover National player Dan Gemmel hit a devastating grand slam in the fourth inning, to make it 6-3, Andover. Starting National pitcher Cedric Gillette was the individual to end the game and secured the win for the Andover team. Gillette pitched nearly the whole game, with almost six innings of play.

Andover National will now be moving on to the regionals in Bristol Conn.

Check out full coverage of the game tomorrow at 6 a.m. and a feature video on Tuesday morning. 


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