Trending: 10 Year-Old Girl's 'Aha!' Moment Leads to New Fashion Line

Girls have been mismatching their socks and mittens to make a fashion statement for years. Why not the legs on their leggings? The rest is history.

Ten-year-old Josie Ervin and her grandfather, Tom Ervin, have teamed to create Oppos, a brand of girls' leggings
Ten-year-old Josie Ervin and her grandfather, Tom Ervin, have teamed to create Oppos, a brand of girls' leggings

Detroit, Mich. – A revolutionary brand of leggings allows young fashionistas to mix it up in a way they never have before.

The girls’ leggings are the brainchild of 10-year-old Josie Ervin of Beverly Hills and her mother, Kristin of Beverly Hills. Josie asked a big “what if?” question while visiting her grandfather, Tom Ervin, at his Bloomfield Township, Mich., home one afternoon.

What if the legs on leggings were interchangeable? And what if they developed a legging line and cleverly called it “Oppos” – for opposites?

The rest is legging history, and the family is now in business. Oppos’ slogan is: “Do both legs have to look alike? Dress yourself one leg at a time!”

The leggings feature a patented zipper technology allowing the legs to be mixed and matched for new outfit combinations every day. There are 48 possible legging combos.

But what are leggings without shirts and headbands that complement them? They’re all available for purchase at oppos.com or at Stars and Stripes Activity Center in Clarkston.

They come in an array of colors and prints, from fuchsia to yellow and galaxy to zebra

Oppos is truly a homegrown, “Made in Michigan” business that touches several metro Detroit areas – Bloomfield Township, where Tom Ervin lives; Beverly Hills, where Kristin, Bill and Josie Ervin live; Lake Orion, where designer Shelly Chilton, formerly of Royal Oak, lives; Birmingham, where Josie is a fifth-grader at Covington School; and Roseville, where most of the inventory is manufactured at a family-owned facility.

Anonymous February 27, 2014 at 03:07 PM
how cool!!! great job josie
Daniella Ruiz February 27, 2014 at 03:55 PM
this nothing new, guys have been doing different socks on each foot occasionaly since they started. These Beverly Hill's people are so 'long ago'.....
Christopher February 27, 2014 at 11:47 PM
I think she has a great idea, we all build on the successes that came before us. Creativity leads to purpose and fullness throughout life.
JJ Mclure February 28, 2014 at 11:41 AM
where is the hole for access
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